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    • History
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    • Founder:
      M.V.M.Subramania Nadar
      14.11.1899 - 28.12.1972
    • As early as in the 1930's, the founding parents of the group were involved in the trade of Pulses and Grains in Thirumangalam, Madurai and Tuticorin. From humble beginnings, the group has come a long way with the Automotive Business covering almost every spectrum of transport. The IT business is a BPO unit. The Finance business has a strong and healthy portfolio.

      The group has its roots spread across the state of TamilNadu with aggressive growth plans. The third generation entrepreneurs are now at the helm of affairs and are poised to be assisted by the fourth generation family members in making strong strides towards expansion and growth opportunities. The group is currently focused on growth engines to drive the business to multiply manifold.

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VOR Emergency Numbers

  • Mahindra - Madurai - 99441 16006
  • Spares - Madurai - 98946 77505
  • Spares - Chennai - 99521 99521
  • Ford - Trichy - 98948 60000
  • Ford - Salem - 97903 60000
  • Volkswagen - Trichy - 88705 88705
  • Volkswagen - Tirunelveli - 88706 88706

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What's New

  • Congratulations
    Susee Volkswagen Team has received Two Gold Awards while Volkswagen After Sales
    Aspire Audit ' 2014
    For Trichy and Tirunelveli

    Susee Ford Team has received five Awards while Regional Parts and Service Managers Meet’2015
    at Coorg.

    Salem Ford Team Received
    1.ROC Super Star Award.
    2.Quality Care - A Grade Certification.
    3.Ford Loyalty Award.

    Salem Trichy Team Received
    1.Best CVP Award in Tier 3.
    2.BTB conversion Award in Tier3.