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  • Susee iSys at a glance

    Susee iSys has been involved in service delivery for domestic and international clients for a variety of services with one common underlying building block.

    "Providing Efficient, Cost effective and sustainable Business Process Outosourcing and Information Technology Enabled Services". Our range of services focus on finding value in Archiving Data for our clients and we focus on releasing the full value of archived Data. We are involved in Data Archiving, Conversion amd E-Publishing. We are based in Madurai with satellite offices across the state of TamilNadu.

    Why Us

    Today's economic climate requires KAIZEN [Continuous Improvement] in cost reduction, improved efficiencies and increased revenues. In order to meet these goals, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has increasingly become the preferred solution by leveraging sourcing models built on global service delivery.

    Susee Isys provides electronic content services and solutions through Information Technology Enabled Services by adding value to clients by unleashing the true value of their data. The archived data presents a picture of key clients and can easily be compared to the current data. Most Organizations do not understand the value of the information that is available in the archived data. We assist in unleashing the value of archived information.

    Our Services

    It's the 'process' that is in the centre of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). That is the reason why we help you grow your business through "partnered" process excellence.

    We have been offering BPO services - even before it was on everybody's lips - in a cost-effective and reliable way to the leading companies across industry verticals.

    We have always been inspired by our success in bringing breakthroughs in bettering our customer's processes that yield high productivity, and go beyond just cost savings.

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VOR Emergency Numbers

  • Mahindra - Madurai - 99441 16006
  • Spares - Madurai - 98946 77505
  • Spares - Chennai - 99521 99521
  • Ford - Trichy - 98948 60000
  • Ford - Salem - 97903 60000
  • Volkswagen - Trichy - 88705 88705
  • Volkswagen - Tirunelveli - 88706 88706

Upcoming Projects

What's New

  • Congratulations
    Susee Volkswagen Team has received Two Gold Awards while Volkswagen After Sales
    Aspire Audit ' 2014
    For Trichy and Tirunelveli

    Susee Ford Team has received five Awards while Regional Parts and Service Managers Meet’2015
    at Coorg.

    Salem Ford Team Received
    1.ROC Super Star Award.
    2.Quality Care - A Grade Certification.
    3.Ford Loyalty Award.

    Salem Trichy Team Received
    1.Best CVP Award in Tier 3.
    2.BTB conversion Award in Tier3.